Are low standard washrooms costly for business?

According to last week’s analysis in FM World many UK businesses are apparently not meeting minimum standards in office toilets, leaving employees and customers unhappy with poorly equipped washroom facilities.


The survey highlights 3 issues:

1. Staff and customers have to queue for washrooms (when there are not enough facilities).
2. Poor quality washrooms lower staff morale.
3. Businesses such as restaurants can be negatively affected by the poor appearance of washrooms, resulting in non-returning customers.


How often do you come across the following:

– Old fashioned, underpowered hand dryers? (requiring men to wipe wet hands on their trousers)?
– Insufficient facilities in public places (i.e. theatres, shopping centres) requiring ladies to queue?
– Poor quality or inadequate soap?
– Ineffectual fragrances or lack of air-fresheners?
– Overflowing or dirty sanitary bins?
– A lack of baby-changing facilities (particularly for men)

In 2016, with compliance, standards and expectations being so high, can businesses afford not to provide excellent service and facilities in their washrooms?

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