Calabash support the call for more baby changing facilities in men’s washrooms

Recently on ITV’s Good Morning Britain a father from Kent was asking public premises to be more “dad-friendly” after he was refused baby changing facilities in four restaurants and cafes. In each of the premises he was told that these facilities were only available in female washrooms.

Furthermore, only last year, actor Ashton Kutcher called for more baby changing units in men’s washrooms:


In the wake of his comments, a survey of parents was carried out, asking them about the baby changing facilities in hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, retail stores etc.

  • 98% of mothers said they would like to see equal facilities for nappy changing in both male and female toilets (the other 2% said they wouldn’t trust their husband to do a decent job of changing a nappy on their own).
  • 78% of fathers would like to see baby changing equipment in gents’ washrooms.
  • 52% of fathers said they had used disabled toilets, while 6% said they had even sneaked into a ladies’ toilet to change their baby’s nappy.

There appears to be a perception that only ladies are expecting to carry out this important task, but we ask:

  • What about men out shopping with their child?
  • What about single fathers?
  • What about two-father families?
  • What about grandfathers looking after their grandchildren for the day?

As a supplier of a range of baby changing products and services Calabash often see this bias towards baby changing units only to be found in ladies washrooms. As Britain’s family life becomes as diverse as ever; surely it is time for venues to provide equal facilities.