We encourage feedback from our washroom hygiene services clients in order to ensure we are improving our service every day.


"Calabash are providing the College with feminine hygiene bins and floor mats. We have tried a number of companies over the years and our main concern has always been reliability. Calabash have proved themselves reliable and their service personnel are always polite, friendly and professional. As well as fulfilling their contractual agreements with us, there are usually a number of times throughout the year when we need to ask them for additional services. These requests are always met positively. I have no reservations about the service they are providing for us."

Ted Townsend, Ardingly College

"I'd been told that washroom hygiene services companies can be large, with little care for their clients. From start-to-finish this has not been my experience with Calabash. It's been wonderful working with the whole team (especially the lovely guys who installed the units). My feeling is that you have real understanding of your products and how you can make a real difference if you are given the chance."

Angela Whitehead, Alan Baxter Ltd

"First impressions are everything these days so it's important to us that our facilities are clean, hygienic and well looked after. People look at toilet facilities, cleanliness etc. and they can judge the whole club on those first impressions. Calabash supply us with great washroom products, they send staff on a monthly basis to replenish them. I spoke with different golf clubs who use Calabash - we'd definitely recommend them because of the level of service that we receive."

The Berkshire Golf Club

"Calabash have been Kew's hygiene supplier for the last 6 years and we retain the same operatives for an excellent continuity of their professional, smart and coordinated service."

Karen Van Der Vat, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

"We are delighted with the service we are receiving from Calabash. I would particularly like to thank Lorena who services our soaps etc. She has kept us stocked up in her calm and efficient manner even during our building works when soap dispensers and air fresheners disappeared for a while (and she always remembers the fragrances that we do not like). As one of the faces of Calabash she is a credit to you."

Glenis Clark, The Roche School

"We have used Calabash for 18 years and have never had a single problem. Their staff are delightful and full of integrity - essential when working in a jewellery environment like ours."

Mike Wainwright, Boodles

"Mandy is lovely to work with. She is conscientious, thorough and always advises of any concerns. A great asset and the best person we have had on our washroom hygiene service."

Sheena Logan, Wimbledon High School

"We are very pleased with a friendly and professional washroom service we receive from Calabash. Communication is the key and we have the same person who always phones before they service."

Adrian Trewhella, Farlington Girls School, West Sussex

"I wanted to thank you for the great washroom hygiene service that we are receiving from Calabash Washrooms, you have a great team there and the quality of the services that our school is receiving is testament to that."

Andy Sivyer, Sir William Perkins’s School, Chertsey, Surrey

"During the tendering process, you will hear promises of performance from many companies but few will actually deliver. However, Calabash are unique, in a fairly desperate business, in keeping all their promises. You would be mad not to appoint them."

Tobyn Thomas, Thomas’s London Day Schools

"We have used different washroom hygiene services companies in the past, like Initial or PHS, and have found Calabash to be a Breath of Fresh Air."

Lynn Penny, Kelgray

"Thank you for a continued excellent service and streamlined operation from Calabash. Our clean sanitary bins mean a lot to an all-girls school."

Tanya Coleman, Portsmouth High School

"It is reassuring to know that with Calabash looking after our contract we are in safe hands. The quality of the service we receive is outstanding."

Julie Burns, St George’s School Ascot


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