Calabash provide a made to order rental floor mat service. We supply clients with entrance mats (standard, logo, fitted or coir) plus kitchen/wet area mats, all with a regular mat exchange service.

Statistics show that up to 80% of dirt is tracked into a building on people’s shoes. The best way to prevent this is to capture it at the entrance on a dust control mat.
When an order is placed we produce 3 mats. One is on site, one is being washed and one is in transit (in a van) ready to be exchanged. In this way we can ensure the mat is fresh and clean.


Standard floor mat


Logo mat

With the same features as a standard mat, but enhancing entrance areas with a company logo, reinforcing brand identity.


Fitted mat

With the same qualities as a standard mat, however custom fitted into any area where a loose-lay mat may not be suitable or safe.


Coir mat

Due to the resilience from the coconut fibres it possesses great absorbency, making it ideal for high footfall areas.


Rubber matting

Increases safety in kitchens, bars, entrance areas, gyms or fitness facilities.