More efficient hygiene products and services for your washroom

Improving the level of hygiene in your washroom reflects your regard for the health & safety of your staff and visitors. Calabash ensure our products and services minimise the risk of infection from bacteria commonly found in washrooms, whilst helping to reduce your water usage, energy and cleaning costs.


Increased water saving

Water management system – reduces your water consumption by up to 90% through eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage. The system differentiates between “active” and “idle” periods in the washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and a flush is needed. If detection does not occur within a 12 hour period, it provides sanitizing flush, meaning further water can be saved.

Sani sleeve system – featuring a patented odour lock design to stop bad odours escaping into your washroom, the Sani-Sleeve reduces the number of rinsing flushes to 4-6 per day, cutting water use by 90-95%.


Improved energy saving

F1 hand dryer – our most energy efficient hand dryer, 700W, hands dry in 10-12 seconds.
Blast hand dryer – uses 1/6 of the energy of conventional hand dryers. Cover is 100% recyclable. 1450W, hands dry in 10 seconds.
Prozone air freshener – uses only 12W.


Better hygiene

Hand sanitiser – kills 99.99% of bacteria. Apart from washrooms it can be also installed and serviced next to dining areas in schools and offices for more complete hygiene care.
Prozone air freshener destroys viruses as well as airborne and surface bacteria.
Automatic sanitiser & Washroom seat sanitiser – reduces the risk of limescale build up and blockages, eliminating fast-breeding bacteria and fungae around the WC bowl, urinal and toilet fixtures and fittings.
Hands-free hygiene units include: automatic soap dispensersautomatic hand dryers and pedal operated feminine hygiene bins.

Calabash provide a range of washroom products and services designed to support your business and facilities. These installed, serviced and maintained by our friendly and professional team.

Our washroom services include: air freshenerssoap dispensersfeminine hygienehand dryerssanitiserswater managementvending machinesbaby rangeprozonesani sleeveclinical / nappy bins and logo floor mats.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Send us a message regarding any aspect of your washroom needs or call us on 020 7371 9500. One of our staff members should get back to you within 24 hours.