“Nathalie is a brilliant ambassador for your organisation.” Angela Whitehead, Alan Baxter Ltd

Every so often we highlight especially positive contributions made by people within the company, reflecting professional attitudes that reinforce the Calabash brand and values.

Last time we wrote about Alberto Escobar, one of our area supervisors. This time the spotlight falls squarely onto Nathalie Thomas, one of sales consultants, who has worked with Calabash Washroom Hygiene since 2012 and looks after clients in the City of London.

Positive feedback can be rare in many service-oriented businesses, however last week we received a letter from one of our clients which was very much appreciated by all our teams and which we would like to share with you:

“To be honest, I’d been told that washroom hygiene service companies can be large organisations with little care for their clients. From start-to-finish this has not been my experience in any shape or form with Calabash.

If anything, I had the impression that we had let the relationship go stale and not bothered to seek Nathalie’s (enormous) wealth of experience in the industry. It’s been wonderful working with Nathalie and the whole team (especially the lovely guys who installed the units).

My feeling is that you have real understanding of your products and how you can make a real difference if you are given the chance. I truly value the relationship that we have with Calabash.”

Angela Whitehead,
Alan Baxter Ltd, 75 Cowcross Street, City of London

Alan Baxter Ltd is a well-respected engineering, urbanism and conservation design consultancy in the City of London and we’re obviously proud to look after their washroom hygiene services for a number of years and thrilled to be commented on the relationship with Nathalie.

“Alan Baxter is renowned for its inventive and collaborative working ethos and Nathalie completely understands that. Here at Calabash we all love working with her so we were delighted to learn that a valued client feels the same way about her too”.

Julian Hill, Chairman,
Calabash Washroom Hygiene Limited

I love working with Angela at Alan Baxter and she’s lovely to deal with. Quite rightly she wants the best service
for the consultancy – my job is to ensure we provide it.

Nathalie Thomas, Sales Consultant,
Calabash Washroom Hygiene Limited

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