P-Wave – scented anti-splash urinal & trough deodorisers from Calabash

Calabash now provide the urinal or trough deodoriser that outperforms all the others. With its mango, honeysuckle, ocean mist or spiced apple choice of scents, P-Wave releases five times more fragrance oil than other urinal / trough deodorisers on the market. That’s enough to keep the urinals and troughs smelling fresh for 30-days.

Furthermore, it also prevents blockages, reduces splashes, it is fully recyclable and has no ozone depleting ingredients.


  • Releases an odour controlling bacteria
  • Has protrusions to prevent splashback
  • No need to constantly check as with urinal blocks
  • Monthly supply and service by Calabash
  • Translucent flexible design allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris.
  • P-Wave shrinks in size as it releases odour neutralisers and fragrance.
  • Safe for use in waterless urinals.