Calabash offer a full service and installation of programmable Sensaflush® Water Management System that will reduce your water usage, allowing control of the number of flushes per hour and the hours of operation.


water management
water management

Water management

  • Can save up to 90% of your usual water usage.
  • It has a unique wireless radio control which can detect movement from up to 15 metres away and in the most inaccessible of areas.
  • Water can be saved without compromising hygiene standards.
  • More sustainable by eradicating unnecessary and expensive washroom water wastage.
  • Sensaflush system differentiates between “active” and “idle” periods in your washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and a flush is needed.
  • If detection doesn’t occur within a 12 hour period Sensaflush® automatically provides a sanitizing flush.
  • Can save up to 90% of your usual water usage.

On average, unmanaged washroom urinal systems will flush 4 times an hour 24/7, whereas when using water management system the urinal will only flush twice per hour and only when needed, resulting in no unnecessary water consumption during unused periods and holidays.

The system can also be used in conjunction with our Quadrasan urinal hygiene flushing range to keep urinals free from stains and lime scale build up in urinal pipe work.




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