The Golf Club experience

A recent survey highlighted the key components to a first rate golf day. We noted that the changing room experience is highlighted as one of the essential factors.

Because – what is the first thing the guests do on arrival?

  1. Place their shoes and a bag in the changing room.
  2. Probably visit the washroom.
  3. Then meet their host for a coffee in the bar.

Strange isn’t it that a guest’s first impression and your first chance to create a good image is in the changing room. The survey commented that things we sometimes take for granted in the facilities do actually make a difference.

How Calabash enhances the washroom experience

We provide washroom services to over 50 golf clubs, including:

The Berkshire • The Buckinghamshire • Coombe Hill • Hindhead • Kingswood • Lewes • Liphook • The New Zealand • Queenwood • RAC Club • Richmond • Royal Wimbledon

These clubs use our service because we are different, we care. They want to create a lasting impression, fresh and up to date.

Calabash understand that a smart welcome mat, fresh smelling washrooms, high speed hand dryers, smart chrome sanitary bins and soap dispensers can help create an impression about a club.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about the exemplary service that we could deliver.


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